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HomeRunner Graphic User Interface

Create impressive graphic user interfaces in minutes!

Turn any image into an interactive display!

Easy and fun to use!

HomeRunner on the 12" Touch Screen.

HomeRunner is a computer software program that turns any image file (photos, drawings, graphics, etc.) into an interactive on-screen display.  Although designed for touch screen computers, it can be installed on any computer and easily controlled with a mouse.

HomeRunner lets you use image files (.jpeg, .gif, .bmp) for backgrounds and control buttons to create impressive custom user interfaces.  You can even download your favorite skins from the internet and turn them into functional control surfaces in minutes!


For the ultimate in home control convenience, use a floor plan as the background for your main screen, and photos of each room and area of your home as backgrounds for your control screens.  Place transparent "control spots" over each device in the photos you want to control.  Add graphic control buttons to access frequently used functions such as lighting scenes, security, A/V, thermostat, etc.  Button images can be selected from the built-in library, downloaded from the internet or created from scratch.

Simply touch the floor plan to select the room or area...

Then touch the device you want to control...

There's no complicated graphics to navigate.  It's your own house so you already know where everything is.  Whole house control couldn't be easier or more fun!


For lighting control, touch the light in the photo to turn it on, off or dim to the desired level.  Add scene control buttons to adjust groups of lights for custom mood lighting with a single touch.


For security control, a pop-up keypad lets you enter your password to arm/disarm and automatically switch to the screen of your choice.  Access to sensitive equipment or any defined control button can also be password protected to prevent unauthorized use.


For A/V control you can use photos of your own familiar remotes as the user interface so there's nothing new to learn.  Just define a control spot over each button in the photo and assign it the corresponding IR command.  When you press or click a button on the image, you'll see it move and function just like the actual remote!
HomeRunner buttons can also be programmed to launch any application.  Place a "TV Guide" button on your HomeRunner TV control screen to open your browser to a TV listings website.

For those who prefer a more elaborate A/V control platform, download your favorite skins from the internet or create your own buttons and backgrounds.  Then define and place IR control spots on the background image to create your own custom A/V command center.  Use familiar TV channel logos to easily identify station presets.


HomeRunner's intuitive editing software lets you easily build custom touch screen interfaces in minutes.  A right click of the mouse gives you access to all editing functions for adding or changing backgrounds, defining button attributes and sizing control spots.  There are no complicated graphics programs to learn.  A basic multiple screen whole-house user interface can be created in less than an hour.

A "WebX Macro" feature lets you create multiple command macros that can be triggered by a single touch of a button, without downloading to the controller.


Animated .gif files can also be used for button images to indicate the on state of a device (fans, coffee maker, TVs, etc.).

Window fan Portable Fan Coffee Pot HDTV


Variable values can be displayed above, below or within a button as well as values for thermostat (temperature), analog inputs, digital inputs (On/Off), flags (set/clear/idle) and relays (On/Off) - with choice of font, size, color, etc.


With HomeRunner you can create different user interface layouts for each member of the family, each with its own set of backgrounds and control buttons.  Use a family group portrait as the main background screen with transparent control spots over each face.  Then simply touch your face in the picture to select your own personal layout.


HomeRunner can be installed on any computer on your network running Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP or Vista.  It runs under Microsoft .NET framework which is available free from

It is compatible with STARGATE, (SG-IP, SG-Lite, and SG-1), TimeCommander, (TCM-2W, and TCM-PLUS) HomeBase, HomeBase-Deluxe, HomeBase-Pro, and CommStar-IP controllers.

A Web Xpander is required to interface HomeRunner with the connected controller (included on the SG-IP and CommStar-IP).


Download the free HomeRunner trial version or purchase your surprisingly affordable HomeRunner activation code to get all of your networked systems online and ready for your control needs, today!

Once you have entered your assigned HomeRunner activation code into your Web Xpander, you can run HomeRunner from every computer with access to your network - all for a low, one-time charge!

Experience what may be the easiest to create and most fun to use interface in the known universe!

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