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InfraRed Xpander

InfraRed Xpander

The IR-XP2 InfraRed Xpander is a multi-function two-way learning infrared system that allows centralized control of audio, video, home theater, and other infrared-operated equipment throughout the home or business.
The IR-XP2 uses flash memory to store infrared (IR) commands from all your remote controls (tv, vcr, dvd, cd, receiver, etc.).  Once the IR commands have been learned into its memory, the IR-XP2 can be instructed (by a stand-alone controller or pc program) to issue any command, or sequence of commands, to any audio/video component.

The InfraRed Xpander has two user-selectable modes of operation:
Xpander mode - for use with STARGATE, STARGATE-Lite, TimeCommander-Plus or CommStar controllers.
Serial mode - for direct control from any computer.


Xpander Mode

In Xpander Mode, the IR-XP2 connects to the AUX port of the STARGATE, STARGATE-Lite, TimeCommander-Plus or CommStar-IP controller.  IR emitters (one included) plug into the emitter output jacks on the rear panel of the IR-XP2.
The controller can then be programmed to instruct the IR-XP2 to issue any combination of IR commands in response to any input condition(s) such as time, received X-10, IR, analog or digital inputs, ASCII, etc.
For example:  If the time is 7:30pm Monday-Friday and the security system is armed (no one is home) then turn on the VCR, select channel 7 and record Jeopardy for 30 minutes.
[Note: TimeCommander-Plus requires firmware version 2.28 or higher]


Serial Mode connection diagram

In Serial Mode, the IR-XP2 connects directly to a serial (RS-232) port.  It can be operated from any computer or device capable of sending/receiving ASCII commands via RS-232.  This provides an open platform for incorporating custom software and adding IR control to any system that supports ASCII.

The serial communication protocol command set is included in the manual and shipped with every unit.


The IR-XP2 learns and stores up to 250 IR commands and can be expanded (with optional memory upgrade) to store a second bank of 250 commands.


In addition to sending IR commands, the IR-XP2 can also respond to IR commands (40 KHz) received from any IR remote. Events can be activated in response to any received IR command or sequence of commands.  For example, pressing the TV POWER button on your IR remote can trigger the controller to dim the lights, close the drapes, turn on the surround sound amplifier, select video source, etc.


The IR-XP2 has four emitter outputs that can be operated in any combination to distribute IR commands to multiple rooms.  This also allows individual control of multiple tv´s, vcr´s, etc. that respond to the same IR commands.  Each emitter output can drive up to four IR emitters or connect to an optional IR connecting block for additional emitter outputs.  Emitter wires can be extended up to 1000 feet from the IR-XP2 using Catagory-5 twisted-pair cable.


The IR-XP2 can also redirect or "repeat" any 40 KHz IR signal (learned or not) to any combination of the four emitter outputs.  This allows control of IR-operated equipment in multiple rooms from one central location.  Emitter outputs can also be connected to other IR distribution systems for more advanced custom applications.


The Event Manager software included with STARGATE, STARGATE-Lite, TimeCommander-Plus or CommStar-IP has an IR Setup menu that simplifies the learning and programming of IR commands into the IR-XP2.

Once the various IR commands are typed into the IR setup menu list, you simply click LEARN and the Event Manager prompts you to aim your hand-held remote at the IR-XP2's front panel and press the appropriate button.  It can be set up to automatically advance through each listed IR command until all selected commands have been learned.  A frequency selection box is also included for learning IR commands from remote controls that operate at different carrier frequencies.


The IR-XP2 also supports the uploading and downloading of IR commands to and from the computer hard drive.  Individual IR commands or complete IR setups can be stored in the computer and transferred directly to the IR-XP2 eliminating the need to manually learn each IR command when setting up similar systems.

Recommended Accessories

Mini IR Emitter:
(One included with the IR-XP2) Miniature IR emitter (Xantech 282-00, Buffalo IRE1 or equivalent) with 10 ft. 2-conductor cable and 1/8" (3.5mm) plug.  One required for each A/V component.  Affixes directly to IR control window of your IR-controlled device by means of a clear adhesive film.  The clear film allows control from both the mini-emitter as well as the original hand-held remote.
Amplified Connecting Block:
Amplified IR Connecting Block (Xantech 791-44).  One IR input/ten IR emitter outputs with high/low output jumper settings.  Provides additional emitter outputs for large installations and custom applications.
Power Status Sensors
(Smartlinc or equivalent) can be connected to the IR-XP2 to report on/off status of up to four components (tv, vcr, etc.) regardless of how the components are turned on (via hand-held remote, IR-XP2 or manually). (See also PSS-JBX.)  These can be used to prevent system-issued IR commands from getting out of step with the controlled components or to trigger actions based on the power status of a component.

Several types of sensor "probes" are available:

TV Detector probe,  LED Detector probe.


Power 12VDC @ 500mA
Connections RS232/JDS Xpander: (1/RJ-11), Power Sensors: (1/RJ-11)
Infrared Emitter Outputs 3.5mm Mono Jack: (4)
Infrared Input Integrated Sensor: (1), 3.5mm Mono Jack: (1)
Power Sensor Inputs 4
LED Indicators Transmit: (Xmit), Receive: (Rec)
Transmission Rate 2400 bps asynchronous
Data Format 8 Data Bits, No Parity, One Stop Bit
Dimensions 5.5" x 6.5" x 1.5"
Weight 19 ounces
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