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LCD-96M Multi Menu Keypad

LCD Keypad, LCD-96M
  • Easy-To-Use Menu-Driven Keypad & Display
  • Stores 96 User-Defined Menus & Sub-Menus
  • Programmable from Event Manager software
  • Displays Text and Graphics (.bmp)
  • 8 Dual Position Rocker Buttons with Independent Left / Right Programming
  • 3 Programmable LEDs
  • Continuous or Timed Backlight
  • VoiceMail Menu
  • Caller ID Name and Number Log
  • Thermostat Menu With 16 Zone Access
  • Reliable RS-485 Communication
  • Simple 4-Wire Connection
  • Low Current Draw (100ma @ 12vdc)
  • Mounting Box Included
  • Colors: White; Custom Colors Available In Quantity

The LCD-96M is a versatile, easy-to-use, menu-driven keypad that allows control of lighting, heating/cooling, security, home theater, audio/video, pool/spa, irrigation, voice mail, and other systems connected to STARGATE.  Up to 96 interactive menu screens can be created and downloaded to the LCD-96M by the user/installer with the STARGATE WinEVM Event Manager software.  Each of the eight lines on a menu screen can have text (up to 10 letters across) or a graphic (.bmp format, 64 x 16 pixels) to identify the rocker button to its right.

8 Dual-Position Rocker Buttons, located to the right of the menu display, can be individually programmed to perform different functions depending on the menu selected.  The Left and Right side of each button can be programmed independently (such as left = off, right = on) or perform the same function (such as go to Main menu).  Programmable functions include: Navigational functions (go to menu, previous menu), Then Actions (X-10, IR, Relay, Macro, VoiceMail, Flag, Variable) and Predefined Menus (Thermostat, VoiceMail, TimeLabel, Caller ID, Digitpad, Keypad, Time Display).

A special two-way X-10 feature allows any X-10 address to be assigned to a rocker button.  Pressing once on the right or left side of the button turns the X-10 device On or Off.  Holding down the right or left side of the button Brightens or Dims.  On/Off status is indicated by a normal (Off) or reversed (On) background on the associated menu line for easy viewing, even from a distance.

Individual menu screens or complete setups can be downloaded to keypads via the shared RS-485 connection or stored on disk as templates and later loaded to keypads as needed.  Menu line items can be cut, copied and pasted from any menu to another for easy editing.  Keypads can also be programmed and edited remotely via modem.

Three LEDs (red, green and yellow), located above the rocker keys, can be individually programmed to turn off, turn on steady or blink based on any condition(s).  For example, the Red LED could display status of a connected security system (on = armed, off = disarmed, blink slow = exit delay, blink fast = violated) while the Green LED might indicate VoiceMail status (on = Old Messages, off = No Messages, blink fast = New Messages) and the Yellow LED could indicate the status of your telephone line (on = line in use, off = line is clear, blink slow = ringing, blink fast = on hold).

The LCD-96M has a built-in high-contrast backlight that can be programmed to stay on continuously or turn on with any key press then time out after a specified delay time.  The backlight and menu selections can also be accessed via the Event Manager schedule to allow dynamic interaction with other system functions.  For example, an incoming call can trigger any LCD-96M to turn on its backlight and go to the Caller ID menu.  A nighttime event in your schedule can turn off the backlight on your bedroom keypad during sleeping hours and back on at wake-up time.  Reminder messages such as "TAKE OUT THE TRASH" or "DOCTOR APPT AT 4PM" can also be triggered by your schedule and displayed on the appropriate keypad(s).

Up to 16 LCD-96M Keypads can be connected in a "daisy-chain" or home run (star wired) to an optional 8AH485 RS-485 hub.  (Each hub provides power & communication to 8 devices.  Up to 4 hubs can be connected to STARGATE's RS-485 port to drive up to 32 devices).  STARGATE's RS-485 port uses two twisted pairs of catagory-5 cable (one pair for communication and the other for 12vdc power).  Up to 4 LCD-96M Keypads can be powered by STARGATE's on-board 12vdc power supply.  Additional keypads require an external 12vdc power supply.  The LCD-96M faceplate measures 4"W x 4 3/4"H and snaps into an included wall-mount enclosure (3 3/8"W x 4"H x 2"D) for easy installation.

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