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LED-7B 7 Button Keypad

LED Keypad, LED-7B
  • 7 User-Defined Buttons
  • 7 User-Defined LEDs
  • Programmable From Event Manager Software
  • Removable Labels For Custom Legends
  • Ideal For Lighting Scenes, Audio / Video Functions, Messaging, Etc.
  • Reliable RS-485 Communication
  • Simple 4-Wire Connection
  • Ultra Low Current Draw (50ma max.)
  • Fits Standard Single Gang Box
  • Color: White

The LED-7B is a simple, easy-to-use keypad with 7 soft buttons that can be individually programmed (with the included WinEVM Event Manager software) to perform any function controlled by STARGATE (lighting, heating/cooling, security, home theater, audio/video, pool/spa, irrigation, voice mail, messages, etc.).  A removable label can be printed on paper with any printer then inserted into the keypad's label window to clearly identify each button.

A Red LED, located to the left of each button, can be programmed to turn off, turn on steady or blink based on any condition(s) specified in the Event Manager schedule.  For example, Button #1 could be programmed to trigger the "Away" macro which turns off all the lights, sets back the thermostat and arms the alarm panel.  LED #1 could blink as STARGATE executes the macro then turn on steady when the macro has completed to indicate "Away" mode is in effect.

LED #2 could blink when there are new messages in your VoiceMail Box. Pressing Button #2 could play back the messages (through a dedicated speaker) then turn off LED #2.

Up to 16 LED-7B Keypads can be connected in a "daisy-chain" to STARGATE's RS-485 port using two twisted pairs of catagory-5 cable (one pair for communication and the other for 12vdc power).  Up to 8 LED-7B Keypads can be powered by STARGATE's on-board 12vdc power supply.  Additional keypads require an external 12vdc power supply.  The LED-7B fits into a standard single-gang box (not included).

LED-7B Keypads and LCD-96M Keypads (up to 16 of each type) can be connected to STARGATE's RS-485 port.

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