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Pocket Webx

Pocket PC and Computer User Interface

Pocket WebX Pocket WebX

Pocket WebX is a computer software program that turns any image file (photos, drawings, graphics, etc.) into an interactive on-screen display.  Although designed for Pocket PC computers, it can be installed on any computer and easily controlled with a mouse.

It operates comfortably without a stylus by simply touching any of the defined button images with your fingertip.  You can even use it at airports, on cruise ships, and other public places with Wi-Fi "hot spots" for control of your home or business while traveling!

Not Just For Pocket PC

Pocket WebX can also be used on notebooks, laptops, web pads and desktop computers for similar control from anywhere on your network or via the internet!  It can be placed on your pc desktop next to your workspace for convenient control of your TV, music, thermostat, etc. while working or surfing the internet.  Multiple pages can be spread across your desktop for instant access to various system functions on a single screen (lighting, A/V, thermostats, security, etc.).

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