HomeRunner RBI

HomeRunner RBI (Remote Browser Interface) is a new home automation controller/server that can be operated from any web-enabled device (iPhone, iPad, Droid, desktop, tablet, laptop, etc.) or any Insteon or X-10 controller. It includes our new HomeRunner RBI software application with intuitive “If-Then-Else” event programming and device database management for easy set up.

As a stand-alone controller, HomeRunner RBI provides bi-directional control of Insteon and X-10 devices and has an RS232 com port for connecting a security system or other serial device. Optional I/O devices can be added to accommodate wired inputs and outputs.

With HomeRunner RBI, you are free to create your own control screens with custom backgrounds and buttons, using your own photos or downloaded images or choose from a library of included presets. Once uploaded to the HomeRunner RBI, you can log on and control from any web-enabled device (no “app” is required). All programming is done over your network connection (wired or wi-fi). No serial connection is required.

HomeRunner RBI is due to release late 2010. Pricing information is not yet available.

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